Push SQL data into QR Codes via API

Sep 17, 2018, 12:56:20 PM

In most people's minds QR Codes are a marketing gimmick for coupons or fancy advertising campaigns, but at Hej we believe QR Codes can and will be so much more. Unlike its cousin the NFC chip, QR Codes are cheap to deploy and accessible by the majority of phones and PCs worldwide. Over the past 5 years the Chinese and Indian markets have really invested in QR Code for shopping and banking and this energy has revitalised the QR code demand globally.

At Hej we are taking QR Codes to another level where any business can connect their SQL database (whether its a supermarket or hotel, etc) to our QR Code service via our API (application program interface). This would mean things like:

  • Supermarket prices can updated globally where owners and shoppers can avail of prices ondemad.
  • Festival attendees can be sent to the security staff for scanning on entry.
  • Hotel / hostel door keys can be deployed a QR codes directly to the customer's phone
  • Parcel deliveries and updates
  • Parking services and pricing
  • So many more possible examples

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