The art of making things simpler - the business journey begins

Sep 3, 2018 7:21:02 PM

The idea to start Hej was born at 10am on some date in June 2018. I was in a fancy hotel in Dublin attending the Circle K grand opening the night before, so as you can imagine “being Irish” I had one or two drinks. In my hazy slumber I heard a knocking on the hotel door and a voice saying room something or other, so I jumped out of bed and ran towards the door, around 2 meters from the door I realised I was naked so as the door opened I tried to lean towards the wall and walloped my small toe off the door knob (maybe it's called door heel). So as the comotion calmed down and I was nursing my bloody and broken toe on the bed I realised I had an idea - and a bloody good one.

Being a techie I worded the idea in my mind as the need to read and write to and from objects. But in a sales and marketing sense I guess you would say “get the information you need or need to leave by scanning a code”. I should have been able to tell the lady at the door that I was drunk as hell and needed a few extra hours in bed and her being at the door and my info should be viewable by management.

So I drank a few gallons of water, wrote all my ideas on my phone and headed off back to sleep. By the time I woke I already had expanded my original idea into a vast empire of models what I can only call “business dreams” - so over late breakfast I tried to sell the concept to my girlfriend and then follow up sales pitches in the 2 hour drive back to Wexford, which I am sure brunt the ears off her; nonetheless I had a business plan.

I am an ideas man, I think of ideas, make them into something, do alittle selling and normally they get to a point where I push them to someone else or they die a death. Almost from the getgo with this idea I wanted to go “all in” and drive it to become an everyday usable service like that of skype or paypal. Unlike my other ideas where the idea is complex or the process is difficult to market or the business model is tight - with this idea the user cases are endless and the model to generate income are clear. I say this but I know in my head they will adapt and change as I progress, but two things are clear. I am super excited / energized by the idea and I can see the point of success in the future.

Let the business journey.

// Paul Kinsella