Hotel guests encouraged to leave internal comments, feedback and communication per room

Sep 9, 2018, 8:22:51 PM

Unlike external hotel booking engines providing the ability for guests to leave comments for the world to see after their stay, Hej provides hotel guests with the possibility to leave comments / feedback, learn about things, view offers but also provides the ability to communicate with hotel staff in real time - proving a better communications channel for guest while staying at the hotel.

The simpler customers can leave feedback and interact with the hotel team the less likely they would be to leave a negative feedback online about your establishment. Some of the areas hotel management could leave Hej tag stickers could be:

  • On the door key holder, the bedside stand, TV area in each room
  • In the Elevator
  • Front door of the Leisure facilities

Once applied Hej tags can provide a host of services to the hotel guest, incl:

  • Ability to alert to a problem in the room (without having to talk to anyone)
  • Leave a comment or give feedback during stay
  • View special offers
  • Understand how things work in the room / hotel
  • Chat with Hotel Staff (incl. chamber maids)
  • Gain access to certain locations

So get your hotel onboard with and provide a more detailed "room based" feedback service -