New Hej QR Code Features : P4 : release date 25th Oct 2018

Oct 10, 2018, 9:09:15 PM

The following are the new features we are developing which will be available to all member accounts.

1. Company account with multiple members [so all staff can work together]

2. Several QR Code stickers allocated to one Hej page [perfect when using stickers]

3. Tag categories [making it easy for searching and working in groups]

4. Demo area outside of login area [for those who just want simple QR code fast]

5. Skype chat integration [adding real time chat into the qr codes]

We aim to have these key features and other bug fixes released on the 25th Oct 2018.

If you have other ideas and would like to chat about them, then contact us and we can put them into P5.