Track any product through its life cycle

Sep 13, 2018, 9:04:02 AM

While international tracking numbers manage products from origin to destination and barcodes are only once off internal tracking - Hej QR Codes track items every step of the way. If you take our mother company Sunrise for example. We manufacture hardware for the waste collection industry and we have to provide a 2 year warranty and support for all hardware products. By adding Hej QR Code tracking into our system gives us (example case the Sunrise onboard vehicle PC):

Step 1 - Denis assembles to the Driver X3 product - applies a Hej Tag to internal module and also applies one to the outside and records his work via his Hej account.

Step 2 - Max gets the assembled product and goes through the quality management testing procedure and then updates the Hej tag with his findings.

Step 3 - QA manager receives the passed product and does his final checks and adds his record to the product.

Step 4 - Shipping manager prepares the product for shipping and applies a triplicate Hej tag to the outside of the parcel and adds his notes

Step 5 - Parcel arrives at the customers premises and he/she scans the Hej and updates their notes

Step 6 - Installer fits the product into the vehicle and updates the Hej tag

Step 7 - Support manager does an onsite visit 6 months later and scans the Hej tag and can read all the product history and also leave his comments.

This list could go on and on, handling damages, out of warrant, software updates, etc but could also assist the driver as they too could scan and download product sheets, watch videos etc, all relating to the product.

So the benfits are huge for all parties involved in product manufacture, testing, support and usage.

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