Take really good care of your vehicle with Hej Tags

Sep 13, 2018, 1:07:27 PM

Hej tags are the best way to treat your vehicle with the VIP treatment. The majority of vehicle issues are all down to not keeping a good track of when the vehicle was last maintained, with Hej tags you enable:

  • Register what the mechanic done and when he done it
  • Register when you last filled the Oil and Water
  • Register when the wipers were last changed
  • Gain Loyalty points at the car wash (they can scan you Hej tag and keep track of how many visits you done)
  • If you parked incorrectly - people can easily contact you (privately)
  • If you had an accident people could confirm / validate information faster (privately)

Just imagine if you are selling the vehicle and the possible new owner scans your Hej tags and read and follow how much maintence you done to your vehicle :-)