Membership Management & Tracking System with Hej Corporate

Nov 7, 2018, 4:18:26 PM

If you need to keep track of attendees or members who are coming to your event or to your club regularly - also would like your members to see what they have paid for, be able to see in their profile and how many times they have been at the event/club.

Hej member management system enables you to:

  • Create a database of members / attendees
  • Quickly add new members and edit existing ones
  • Send invites to possible members via email (automated)
  • Auto assign each member an online profile and QR Code (automated)
  • Provide the business a corporate scanning account to track and scan attendees/members
  • Desktop QR code reader (optional) and QR Code Reader Manager App
  • Provide reports and statistics of usage
  • Create card payments and recurring charges (optional)

To get started with a corporate account simply contact us directly.