Helping with everyday problems in a simple way

We all have day to day issue of “if only I had more information about something” - I should be able to scan the item and I get exactly what I need. Take a Dyson hoover for example, why can’t I just scan the code on the hoover and it shows me videos of how to clean it and change the filters? Or I am shopping for Christmas and the item I want is sold out. The shop owner should have a hej tag in the product area that says scan to register interest - when it's in again I will get a notification and first dibs on a purchase. In life we have so many of these situations that it makes so much sense to use Hej Tags..

Which oil goes into my car?

Place an answer, information or action on anything, it's that simple. Stick a hej tag onto your required item, add the necessary information and its done. People then just scan the tag with their browser and receive the information = happy person.

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When is the next lecturer or when is the doctor due?

Place tags on a lecture hall or on the door of a physician to notify people of the informational update

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Where should I leave your parcel?

You can stick a Hej tag on your front door or front window and restrict who is allowed to view the information e.g. delivery driver or postman. So they know where to leave parcels when you are not home. You can setup view lists, receive statistics of when scanned and also get email alerts once scanned.

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Public information about when bathrooms were last cleaned?

Instead of the normal page that shows who cleaned the bathroom as certain dates and times, just add a Hej tag and the cleaning staff can register the work (GPS marked and tagged) and general public can view updated results.

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How does this cordless hoover actually work?

You like the product but have loads of questions and there is nobody in the store to ask. Scan the Hej tag and you can view all the assigned images, manuals and sales videos. So you pick up the device and buy it.

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Super fast real estate enquiries

Stick a Hej tag onto your property hoarding and once people scan the tag, they receive all the information and you receive their contact details.

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Are your customers asking the same questions over and over, like how to operate the hotel room air conditioning or when was your car last serviced and what work was done? Or are you having issues with tracking and monitoring the servicing of facilities or assets? Stick on a Hej tag and add as much detail in one go or update records as you go. Every action is tracked giving you and your clients an amazing experience.

Quick Information Requests

Explain anything in a simple way

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Reportable Actions

Cleaning, room service, clock in/out, delivery

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Product Management

Set read only parameters so only certain people / groups can read information

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Information Management

Text, images, videos, PDF files

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Private Messages

Allow only certain people to view notes

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Monitoring & Reporting

Oil delivery, vehicle maintenance etc

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Give the WOW factor to your customers

Hej tags are super easy to setup and your customers will love them. Once applied you will wonder how you managed without them.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing fits all homeowners and business sizes. For super large organisations who require +100 tags and API integration please contact us for pricing.




Full Use of Features
Max 2 Hej Tags

Perfect for recording your car maintenance or oil change history. Also to place the second on your front door for parcel connecting.

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Small Enterprise


Per user/ month

Full Use of Features
Max 100 Hej Tags
Reporting & Statistics
Email Support

You really care about your customers and want to increase their overall satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Can I move from Free to Paying?

At anytime you can move from FREE to paying by logging into your account and selecting the Account Type on the top of the screen.

Can I add Youtube Videos to my Hej Tag?

Yes, its very simple to add a Youtube clip to your Tag. Just go to Youtube copy your video id and paste it into the add/edit Tag form.

Can the Hej logo be removed from the Tag?

The biggest issue we see worldwide with tags is having a simple web based reader. So with every tag having the Hej logo then more and more people are knowing how and where to scan tags faster.

Can I restrict those who can post onto my historical Tag?

Yes, you can either make the tag private or make it public and restrict posts to only friends. Only registered members can post, so again if your friends are not members then an email invite is auto sent.

How secure in my information?

Hej system uses the latest web technology, encryption and firewall techniques as well as encrypting tags and backing them up remotely every hour.

Can I set up tags so only selected friends can read them?

Yes, you can set tags to private and add your friends email addresses to the read only list. If they are not members then they will receive an email inviting them.

Contact the Hej team

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